Living on campus at Carson-Newman is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Faith-fueled community is the foundation of living on campus, 学生宿舍不只是提供住宿. This is where you’ll forge friendships that last a lifetime—friendships where you can share and grow your faith and while encouraging other Christ-followers. 

住在校园里, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in leadership positions by serving on your floor’s Residence Hall Council (RHC) or becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) or Desk Assistant. With a position in leadership in your residence hall, you’ll get to make a positive impact on other students navigating college life.

住宿生活远远超出了宿舍. You’ll have access to an entire campus recreational system that provides ample opportunity for activity and relaxation when you’re not in class or studying. The Maddox Student Activity Center (MSAC) is the hub for all things fun at C-N. Grab your friends, hit the gym, Chick-fil-A or the pool! While you’re there, make sure you sign up for our popular intramural events. 这里有适合每个人的东西 !

C-N campus life has it all—friends, faith, fun and so much more. 快来亲眼看看! 安排拜访 今天来看看你未来的家!


We are excited to announce the construction of a brand new residence life facility that will open Fall 2024! 西校区公共设施占地11万平方米. ft., twin-building facility — is the largest construction project in our 170+ year history. 它将容纳524名学生, and the complex will be connected by a two-story “Community Connector” building that will feature a lounge, 食物选择和一个大的学习区域.


Unfortunately, at this time, the completion date for the 西校区公共用地 cannot be determined. 自项目启动以来, more than 70 work days have been lost due to weather, 以及其他我们无法控制的情况. 这么大的工程, it is reasonable to think there likely will be other construction days lost between now and the start of the Fall 2024 academic year. 

为了弥补这种可能性, both a Temporary Housing Assignment as well as a West Campus Housing Assignment for the fall have been developed. In recent days it has become more likely 西校区公共用地 should come online shortly after the start of semester, 但上课时将无法使用. Thus, the need for an interim Temporary Housing Assignment listing. 这两个选择都需要完成.

工作还在继续,随着秋天的临近, we can apply more definite timelines to the conclusion of construction and a date when students can move into the new facility. We are disappointed but remain excited about the future of residence life at Carson-Newman and believe our students will be as well. We are very grateful for your understanding and patience.





以我们的14命名th president, Burnett Hall is where ladies of the freshman class begin their Carson-Newman journey. Burnett is often credited with becoming a home away from home. A renovated student lounge provides a great place to meet new friends. Study areas, a community 厨房 and laundry all provide the living space needed while on campus.


校园瑰宝. Sarah Swann Hall was built in 1904 and is recognized by the Tennessee Historical Commission. 主楼层有两间客厅, 学生自习室, 社区厨房, Swann offers a blend of modern conveniences mixed with old southern charm. Other features include a TV lounge, laundry room and newly renovated balcony. Swann Hall is reserved for women in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.



A hall for students built with the help of former students. Reserved for upperclassmen, 校友 provides spaces that build community. Hang out with friends in the student lounge or show off your A-game in a match of ping pong. 其他设施包括一间设备齐全的厨房和洗衣房.


Heritage offers traditional residence hall housing for all male students. Heritage residents form bonds that carry throughout their time at Carson-Newman and beyond. The hall offers a student lounge, laundry 社区厨房 space. 最初名为“新男人”, 遗产在校园的西端, next to Dougherty Science Center and the Kazee-Hollifield Softball Complex


Along with serving as the University’s welcome center, Butler Hall provides housing for junior and senior men. A newly renovated student lounge provides space for students to study or hang out. 大厅还设有洗衣房和厨房.



A part of the Appalachian Commons on-campus apartment complex, Greenbrier is available to qualifying junior and senior women. 格林布赖尔公寓怎么样, 每间公寓都设有一个起居区, 厨房, 浴室和卧室. Features include a full-sized refrigerator, loveseat, coffee table, dresser and desk. Each private bedroom also has its own window and locking door.

双人贴切. 布局
4人恰当的. 布局


可为合格的初级和高级男子. 勒孔特提供公寓式生活, 每间公寓都设有一个起居区, 厨房, 浴室和卧室. Features include a full-sized refrigerator, loveseat, coffee table, dresser and desk. Each private bedroom also has its own window and locking door.

双人贴切. 布局
4人恰当的. 布局